A Famous Old Club – Copies still Available!

This is a progress report on sales of A Famous Old Club- A History of the Brighton Cricket Club from 1842 to 2017 by David King released to mark the Club’s 175 Anniversary. You will recall we received the book back from the printers in late January and so far over 250 copies have been sold and placed.
A point that is coming through consistently is that this is an absolutely first rate book:

  • Highly respected cricket and sports author Ken Piesse described the book as “the best cricket club history ever”.
  • The MCC Library is currently reviewing the book and MCC members and those on the waiting list should see the review by email in the Club’s cricket magazine ‘The Yorker’ later this year.
  • The book was considered of a standard to be entered in the 2018 Victorian Community History Awards. Unfortunately we did not win a prize with winners announced late this year.

As well as a great read for those associated with the club the book would make a terrific gift for anyone interested in cricket, the history of Brighton or the development of cricket in Melbourne.


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