T20 Blast

T20 Blast is aimed at children aged 8-12 who have basic cricket skills. Children need to be able to hit a moving ball and bowl with a straight arm. The program is suitable for children who have participated in a couple of seasons of Milo in2 Cricket. However previous involvement with Milo is not compulsory if they already have basic cricket skills.

If your child does not have any cricket skills then they would be best participating in the Club Milo in2 Cricket program. Coaches will offer opportunities to Milo in2 Cricket players to play in the T20 Blast matches once they are ready and when they have space in their teams.

During T20 games children will each bowl and wicket-keep for two overs and bat in pairs for 4 overs you cannot be out. When you are bowling, each wicket earns an extra 5 ‘runs’ for the fielding team. T20 uses lighter cricket bats and rubber balls. Playing with a softer ball allows children to build confidence with their fielding. Batting with a lighter bat helps them develop correct batting techniques. During the game we aim to keep the children moving and interested so that they don’t become bored whilst fielding. Coaches are with players on the field of play so that they can correct technique, encourage and assist players throughout the game.

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